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- This PR project will make stable profit for the company up to 5 years, is possible more because it is impossible to create the automobile simulator with the open world better and more interestingly than we have. 

- Game develop timeline - 3 years

- The projected game sales of a ready game is 25-30 million copies of a game. 

- The approximate amount of profit around 1 billion euros. 


The key to success of our game project – its implementation in the maximum volume of the scenario developed by us.

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Best sellers racing game in history according to

The Need for speed series 1994-2016 – 101 430 000 sold copies of a game 

Gran Turismo series 1997–2016 – 71 790 000 sold copies of a game 

Forza Motorsport / Forza Horizon series  2005-2016 – 25 500 000 sold copies of a game  


Meanwhile, the U.S. entertainment industry is going to grow at a rate of about 3.7 percent per year.Beyond engaging entertainment, video games help drive societal advancements. Researchers at East Carolina University found a 57 percent decrease in depressive symptoms among those who played casual video games and 70 percent of teachers said that video games increased students’ motivation and engagement levels, according to a national survey of teachers who use games in the classroom. While these are just a few examples of how games improve what matters, it is clear that – from education, to health, to business, to the arts – the computer and video game industry helps Americans lead healthier, happier and more productive lives.  

Entertainment Software Association

“Video games are ingrained in ourculture. Driven by some of the mostinnovative minds in the tech sector,our industry’s unprecedented leaps insoftware and hardware engages andinspires our diverse global audience.Our artists and creators continue topush the entertainment envelope,ensuring that our industry willmaintain its upward trajectory foryears to come.”

Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO,Entertainment Software Association