About us


Our names are Stanislav Kozlov and Mikhail Frolov, we are from Russia.

Within the last three years we managed to create the ideal scenario of the latest automobile simulator with the open world which has no analogs, and hardly in the next decade somebody will dare on something similar.In our scenario everything is worked out to the smallest details, our scenario can be taken as the full guide to action and to creation of the latest generation of car simulators with the open World and to bring this game genre to new level.

In our game project there is everything that is necessary for cars fans: the area of the game world is 15 thousand square kilometers, complete online, to 1000 players on one game space. The system of implementation of such large number of players in one game space is created. More than 500 selection cars from 80 car makers are provided in the game project. Implementation more than 100 automobile tracks from around the world under different types of automobile competitions is provided. Earnings of game money are carried out by means of an involvement of players in 16 types of automobile competitions, including rally raids as (Gumball 3000, Modball rally), and also alternative methods of earnings of experience and money are provided, at the game project there is intellectual road traffic and smart police, the thought-over donate system, unique system of rewarding of players is only a small part of distinctive features of our project. 

This project is cross-platform, will be expected both for users of PC, and new generation of video game consoles X-box and SPS which will be available for sale around 2019. Therefore for creation of the first game car simulator of level of AAA+ we have time.


We enclosed all our knowledge of cars, our love and our soul in this scenario.

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Slogans of the game project
 the idea has become a reality 
you won't experience a difference, being in the seat or drive Ferrari
this is your new road adventure life-long 
the idea has become a reality